Italy: “We ship up to 150 tonnes per day of kakis”

“We have been delivering up to 150 tons of kakis per day. We collect about 6,700 tons of kakis from our producers, 4,200 tons of which are of the Type variety and 2,500 tons of kakis. Variety Rojo Brillante “, explains the director of Agrintesa, Cristian Moretti.

“This year, quality is good and prices are not bad at all. Marketing will continue for two more months for both the traditional and Bright Red varieties.”

A month ago, Agrintesa opened maturation cameras, as the manager Luca Liverani explains, which appears in the following video.

Ripening chambers work by saturating the atmosphere with carbon dioxide. In this way, a climacteric fruit is transformed into a non-climacteric fruit, thus prolonging the useful life. But it is not easy, because it took almost twenty years to get a product almost perfect. The current cameras have been made by a Spanish company. In addition to CO2, temperature and humidity levels must also be controlled.

“The future of the kakis are Bright Red, as they are much more practical to consume: they have the consistency of an apple and do not have to eat at home like the Type variety.”

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