Denmark’s freeze-dried and ecological kale triumphs in Asia

As the demand for quality Danish green products is growing in Asian markets, Ronni Sørensen created Green Gourmet, a trading company that has allowed smaller companies that would otherwise have had difficulty accessing markets such as Japan and Taiwan, To make their way in these markets.

Although the marketing company offers several products, Sørensen went back to its roots, which is kale, and worked on the development of a product that would also fit in those markets. He is CEO of Vendsysselske Grønlangkål and his family has been in the business of producing frozen kale for supermarkets for the past 35 years. Kale is a traditional and traditional product in Denmark, a must-have on the Christmas table.

“Since the history of my family is linked to that of kale, I could not get it out of my head, but it was something completely unknown in the Asian market. Of entering the market with Green Gourmet, we started to produce organic freeze-dried kale powder, which we used to sell B2B.We made a cutting-edge product without subjecting it to more than 42 degrees, which guarantees the retention of all its benefits as a superfood. 4 grams of kale powder, consumers get enough vitamins and minerals for the whole day, “explains Sørensen.

The demand for kale continues to grow and the company is active in Sweden, Norway, Japan, Taiwan and England.

“The most important thing for this type of product is to go out there and make sure that the customers know the whole story, because it is not a product that is sold alone.We have been very active in social networks, we use LinkedIn to reach the European markets , But we have realized that this network is virtually unknown in Asia, where Facebook has more use. We have also hired a man in Japan who is an expert in social networks and we have made sure that people know that we can not only share All the information about the good that makes us the product, but, in fact, we can demonstrate what we say with tests, “adds Sørensen.

Green Gourmet offers powdered and granulated kale, most often to companies that want to make their processed foods healthier, but is also included in smoothies and serves as a vitamin supplement. The cosmetics industry has also been interested in making face masks and creams.

The company harvests kale, washes and processes it as soon as possible to freeze it, which adds stability to the product. It is then lyophilized and converted into powder or grains.

“We are both green and organic, but we soon saw that Japanese consumers only wanted eco-labels. We do not work directly with Chinese suppliers, but rather supply other companies that work with China. Kale powder comes indirectly. ”

“China has it all, but the kind of kale powder offered there is not comparable to the superfood we produce. China is a huge market and we would like to seize the opportunity,” Sørensen concludes.

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