We ship it, we fly it, we truck it
Alquimia Fruits brings fresh fruit to tables around the world. We export fruit from different geographical areas of Latin America, Spain and France.
  • We value high-quality products and strive for customer satisfaction.
  • We maintain strict price control and fully insure our processes.
  • We guarantee continuous delivery of the freshest fruits and vegetables.
  • We attend international fairs to stay on top of the latest developments in the market.
In Europe
Outstanding production in Spain: we produce citrus in the Valencian plateau, stone fruits in Extremadura, nectarines of Lleida and Lemons of Murcia. We also pack apple in Lleida, Rhone Alpes and Roussillion.
In the Americas
In Argentina, our sweet citrus production is highlighted in the Litoral; Our fine cherries in Neuquen and Santa Cruz, grapes of San Juan, cranberries of Buenos Aires and Entre Ríos. We also market Mexican avocado and Apples of Chile, among others.